What is Garnet -

Animation by Elena Hartley

Narration by Anisha Parekh


Have you heard of garnets? Did you know how useful garnets actually are to geologist? Watch to find out.

This animation was completed as a final project in my Science Illustration Certificate Program at California State, Monterey Bay. I wanted to create a fun, informative animation about something complex.

Gulper Eel Study -

Animation by Elena Hartley

The gulper eel is perhaps the most ridiculous animal in the seas. It can swallow prey its own size. This animation was a practice in capturing animal movements.

Designing an 'n of 1' drug for Batten disease -

Animation by Elena Hartley

In collaboration with the Boston Children's Hospital

While interning at the Boston Children's Hospital blog, Vector, I had the opportunity to create an animation detailing a child's, name Mila, disease. She was about to embark on an experimental treatment to save her life, developed by a researcher at the hospital. My animation shows the special drug developed just for Mila.